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 My life so far....

  Like a good majority of Artists, I've been fascinated with creating Art since I was kid. I grew up around a wonderful artist, Margaret Burgon, my Grandmother. I grew up exploring all of her Walter Foster drawing and painting books she had along with many afternoon art lessons from Her  and Bob Ross on Saturday mornings.

       Since the early 2000’s I have focused the majority of my work honoring the Heroes of Law Enforcement and the Military. I've always had a great appreciation for those who have put their lives in the line of fire on the home front and in foreign lands. I love to be able to recognize them with my artwork.

      As most kid's growing up, I was fascinated by Dinosaurs and the creatures of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and really find myself enjoying the creation process of the art from this genre. I love being able to use my imagination and find myself doing more and more each day in this field.

      These days I work to refine my skills in form and anatomy and try to attain a more refined level of experience. At no other time on Earth has there been easier access to knowledge and the amazing works of the great masters of our past and present. I try to take advantage of this as much as possible.

      The majority of my efforts are on the sculpture side of art. I study intensely the processes of sculpting, mold making, and re-production of my art work. I have always loved the tangible aspect of sculpture and it’s drawn me in. In my efforts to reproduce my artwork I couldn't find a good company to reproduce my art work the way I liked it, so I learned to do the majority myself, mold making, casting, and finish work. Every piece of my art work gets my personal attention before it ever goes out.

     Every piece of my art work gets my personal attention and approval before it is delivered.  

     I'm available for Hire / commission work.  

Please contact me for any additional information.  Thanks  for visiting my page.   

Artist Portfolio

Favorite Artists

  • Gustave Dore
  • Michaelangelo
  • Andrew Loomis
  • Margaret Burgon
  • Bob Eggelton
  • Larry Elmore
  • ​Gil Elvgren
  • Mark Newman
  • Aris Kolokontes